Welcome to the World of Lore’un!

f you’re new here then you probably heard just a few small details about this gaming world and all the love and commitment that was poured into it. What I can say on behalf of everyone who has helped me make Lore’un what it is today is that you’ll be hard pressed to find a gaming world like it anywhere else. As said in our synopsis, Lore’un is a re-imagining of the European Dark Ages brought into a fantasy era via the use of Dungeons and Dragons. It has survived remodeling from 2nd editions all the way to 4th edition and continues to change every passing day. The world is diverse and shaping up better and better every day tackling things as finite as political banners details, timelines, and even making our own inside short stories to help enrich the history of the world.

Now it’s one thing to say it’s a re-imagining, and another thing to prove it. Lore’un truly can be a horrific place to live. Being a serf of your lord might not be filled with the horrors of an adventure in Ravenloft, but then again one might not of had to make the choice of whether or not to sell your youngest daughter into slavery. While such controversial things are generally not the focus of our adventures I always like to caution people that this is a world not meant for the feint of heart cause censorship of a past era is not something I am fond of doing often. instead this is a grimy and dark world where you are tasked to decide how you live within it. If that is to help improve the lives of it’s people or plunge a city into darkness so be it as myself and others don’t prefer one way over the other personally.

You’ll find that things as simple as race or class come with a rich plethora of history and implications you’ll be expected almost instantly to answer for. Such as being a wizard could prove your death if you are not careful how you use your powers among the masses, or why as an Eladrin you find that almost any Elf you cross paths with glares hatefully at you. Such is just a few very obvious cases and the list could continue for days. But rather than waste your time, why not let you take that on in an adventure with us, Hmmm?

Enjoy your stay!