The World Lore'un

Dusty Tome of Duskhaven

-Leotin Sage Gregor 1121 C.E. (200 years ago)

“The Month of Agony”; they gave a name to this nightmare that haunts still to this day. To hear that our sacrifices were so little to save the world drags me to dark places I had long since forgotten. What was given for victory has shaped us, mutilated us, and left us with perhaps only cold husks of what we once were. My brothers and I carry so little joy now in our hearts, it feels as though the sins of traitorous angels and men have become our burdens now. I am alive, yet for what reason?.. How anyone could find a way to express terror incarnate is beyond my graces though it would seem.

I sense this will not be the height of our trials ahead; even now I hear the whispering schemes of friends and families against Prowless and all he gave for justice. I recall once, before these dark days, when the light of my zeal burned bright and strong that I had taken a occultist captive. An elven woman who posed as a prophet of Lion for seven years. She was beautiful and I found myself seeking her council often in youth. She had endured what we all had, she had lost and loved just as any of us but it had all be for a purpose. The graves we consecrated, the areas we put to rest and even the religious sites and strongholds all had small vestiges of “The Old Kingdoms”. I was sent to capture her and bring her to justice when she exposed her foul face behind the mask of an educated liar.

She killed all of my brothers, all except for me. Perhaps it was compassion that stopped her, or fatigue but I closed the gap and managed to restrained her. Alone, and without support I sought to complete my task yet Marjene, my captive had retreated many days into the woods of Darken. It would be journey back to the nearest chapel and I had faith in my resolve to do it. Yet, a strange thing took place, rather than hear excuses and insults of my faith she spoke to me, she comforted me for what she had done. She spoke often of her heathen Incarnates, but also of the merits of Lion and the Pantheon. I felt that she was genuine with me in her words and could tell she felt remorse for her actions. She was like no occultist I had engaged with before, she even said she hadn’t wished to develop the feelings for us that she did. At first I thought that was an insult but I could tell she must had changed over the years of lies and memorizing scripture to pass off her disguise. I wondered then if she actually found some solace in what we had devoted our lives to. She never even seemed scared of her awaiting doom as I reminded her from time to time during our talks.

During our last day I finally came to believe that Marjene hadn’t changed at all, but rather had a moment of weakness before the entire brotherhood. She longed for independence, she saw herself as beautiful and carefree before collecting the small pieces of magic she could with us. Perhaps she was trying to prove to herself she could still be that person, or just simply force herself to do what she had come to do rather than lose herself. I hadn’t blamed her regardless though I couldn’t allow the deaths of my brothers to go without punishment. I planned to plea on her behalf, which I knew would be a great disgrace to my past accolades but I was prepared to do this for her, it was the least I could do for an old friend. Without ever telling her she told me something that shook me to my core…

“ Do you think Lion knew of Alexi Mirrgoth’s intentions? They say that it was his faith in life that was the foundations of Mirrgoth’s Black Citadel. But what if Lion thought he could have saved Alexi from his own madness?"

She struck at my heart, she read my intentions like a book that night. She pleaded with me to stay silent, to simply “let men behave as men” and I could see she meant those words. She wanted to die free and I could tell she would rather I keep my Hubris than have her exposed for the tender-heart she was. I feel to this day that was my greatest sin against life, yet was it a sin at all to give her the one thing she sacrificed love and life for? We head for Khalide tomorrow, we’ve been recalled to Castle Blackwater for debriefing. Hopefully heading to Dawnhaven will give me a well deserved good night’s rest… I long for proper prayer at the chapel tonight it has been too long since I have seen familiar faces or my family.


Loreun Loreun

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