The World Lore'un

Part III

Enter the Wolf Hunters...

- Liathossin’s Claim…

Nervously looking about and trying to recover from his previous attack, the fearful voice of Alex shouts out “I could use some help here!”. The only response he receives back is a grunt as Korgoth looks to be losing the battle he is already engaged in himself. Alex’s eyes dart back and forth realizing how dire the situation looks and scrambles to create a defense. It is right then he suddenly locks eyes with one of the golden haired eldritch knights. A screeching hex enters Alex from the eyes of this knight as it latches to the boy swiftly. And with a smirk reacts to cursing the boy accurately by saying “Your nature is obviously like that of an beast, Kill what you can, flee from what you can’t. I’m afraid you no longer possess that second option interloper…” Alex steps away getting ready to retort with his sharp tongue but a well of pain suddenly crushes down on his heart the moment he took that step. Placing a hand against his chest and a look of shock sets in. The knight continues to advance finishing his challenge to the boy. “ You will either face us, Or you will die…”

With a clenched jaw and a whole mountain of young spunk the boy manages to find a response as he throws out a small; yet concentrated burst of force from his fist toward his enemy. “Then I’ll face you… at a distance!” as the blast crashes against the knight who readied for the attack. Despite the Eladrin’s best efforts the pressure behind the attack is undeniable, it send the warrior sprawling backwards as he topples to the ground half stunned. As Alex whips around to check on Korgoth his eyes widen to see the warrior is overwhelmed, as well as distracted. The Dryad from earlier that had attacked Alex looked to be emerging unseen from a large tree behind Korgoth. Before so much as a breath could be take to warn the warrior the gnarled stump of the wood carved mannequin came crashing into Korgoth’s back not only toppling the warrior but knocking him out cold. No sooner than she struck she already was slipping back into that tree, no doubt planning to come out from another one close by.

The thin fey spirits stared at the defeated half-orc still hungry for blood. As they drew close a invisible mote of force blasted them off of Korgoth. Alex stood panting and covered in sweat seeing his blast doing little more than gain their attention. As he begins to withdraw from his enemies slowly and weakly each time feeling a small tug on his heart with each step he took away from that knight. Hopelessly trying to buy time, he found himself against the very tree that had brought him and Korgoth to this horrid ambush and just laughed in a bit of delirious pain. “…Great.” he whispered readying for the onslaught that was about to come him way. Yet to his confusion he began to see the enemy pan out and around his position. In confusion his attention is drawn toward the woman in robes who shouts out “They’ll be here any second you fools! In position, now!” she exclaimed channeling a small orb of arcane power readying toward the tree Alex’s back is against. To which the young lad instinctively replies “Oh shit! Really?!”

A sudden conduit of light and magic weaves into being as Feladrin emerged from the great tree first. No sooner than he arrives an indigo hex bolt screams through the woods colliding with the Elf before he even knew what happened. As he falls forward from the blast his body drifts to the ground as slowly as a falling leaf. Hexed with such slow movement he is just now reacting to the slow, abrasive pain of the attack moments later. Not a moment more goes by and Hawk enters the fight to see Feladrin’s state recognizing the affects of a Mage and starts to run toward her drawing both Kukris from his sides. With a smirk the witch begins to flee backwards as Hawk doesn’t realize he is entering a trap. From the tall grass leap Korgoth’s ankle biters surrounding the mage-hunter in a abrupt counter-attack. Hawk’s quick reflexes serve him well but not enough to continue the chase. “Not good, What the hell is going on, Who are these guys?!” he shouts toward Alex, who is still amazed he wasn’t uttered crushed by his combatants. The young boy blinks realizing now is his chance to start making some distance as he races into a small clearing which shrugging back to Hawk blurtting out “No idea, but they know you guys!”

Cynterra, the Shamaness emerges lastly from the tree noting how odd it was since she was the one whom touched it first. Witnessing obvious battle, she hadn’t the time to ponder the mystery as she pulls her maul from it’s holder and and the mists take the shape of a fierce bear near her as she looks to the wounded Korgoth unphased by his injuries as she silently points and commands the hear to aid the reckless knight. Without so much as a word from it’s master the spirit races faster than a horse toward the warrior letting out an intimidating growl. With a light whisper and chant Cynterra exudes her dominion over the spirits as the mists from her spiritual companion coil out and engulf the fallen warrior shrouding him in fog for a brief moment. The sudden sputter of life is heard from Korgoth as he already starts to pull himself up groaning from pain. “Bout time, Gods I swear you guys talk too a little too much…” Cynterra only smiles as presenting an arrogant attitude to Korgoth’s bravdo as the two nod speaking volumes without words getting back to back with a grin, the mist bear standing ready as an early guard.

As Feladrin can feel the hex beginning to fade he has just managed to pull himself up when he realizes the second Eldritch Knight, a woman with silvery white hair stands smirking toward the ranger. The Elf manages to draw both of his blades in his slow motion right as he draws the 2nd blade the gleam of emerald light shines into his eyes as he squints form it’s brilliance. The green steel blade this woman has suddenly explodes into a writhing mass of hungry and flailing vines and thorny tree branches outstretched in all directions like a hungry maw as they clamp shut along him. A wicked smile appears on the Eladrin woman’s face as her sword _ chews _ on it’s prey completely restraining his movements as she lets go of it’s handle plainly stating “We’ve been waiting for you…Feladrin”. Her tone as cold as Ice and deliberate as a murder, this woman stares to into her agonizing prey’s eyes with perverse delight.

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