The World Lore'un

Part IV

Louder than Thunder...

-Liathossin’s Claim…

The blood chilling cries of pain that escaped Feladrin’s lips chilled the blood of his companions to the core. As his dominator sensed the enchantment of her blade waning she flicked her wrist as the barbed jaws of anquish uncurled and stiffened into a sword shape before a flash of emerald light returned it to a flat, sharp steel edge once again, before supernaturally flying back to her hand. Right as the blade returned to the knight an enraged wild elf lunged up with both scimitars thrusting at her chest with intense speed and power, yet the suddenly stopped against a ghostly sylvan symbol for “Sacrifice”. Magic, and potent at that is what the elf thought realizing the blades didn’t do anything to his target. His feral eyes caught the glimpse of a shimmering light from the other knight a few feet away emanating from his hand as he looked to be in a bit of pain. Nothing equal to what that should have done of course, but it appeared a good brunt of it somehow transferred to this other knight. With a scowl he he quickly kicked the woman in the stomach getting distance between her and him and backed out like any wolf missing it’s mark and with a growl plainly inquired to his enemy, “How?”. She took a breath surprised by the ranger’s speed and readied her defenses with a smirk intending to tell him nothing.

With a harsh scrape against the Eldritch knight’s shield Korgoth finds his stretch of bad luck returning as he just land a single good blow on his enemy. Right as he pulls up his great ax to try again the similar attack used against Feladrin clenches down on the bloodied champion of Sigerus who manages to keep endure the agony despite the loss of more precious blood. Cynterra continues her to siphon essence from the spirits to her ally all while using the bear as a shield for them both, though it is being promptly ignored for the half-orc right now. With her concentration completely focused on the Korgoth yet again it isn’t very surprising that without warning she is ambushed by the dryad. Like every time prior, she remained unnoticed using her unnatural strength and vines to crush and pound upon the shaman. Pulling her attention from her duties for just one moment too long gives the Knight another opening he needs swiftly dodging Korgoth’s brutish swing from within the gnashing thorns suddenly grasping the handle of the blade and yanking it off him. Managing to not only pull of plates of his armor but also to flay some exposed parts of him as well. Within moments the champion has gone down again, and his opponent’s blade returned to it’s green steel edge as well glaring at the shaman stating. “You’re next healer…” with that Cynterra’s Mist bear crashes against the knight occupying his attention as Cynterra tried to dodge the dryad only to find herself unable to. Spitting up blood she holds her wounds and looking to he surroundings looking down to her wooden bear totem with great desperation.

With his eyes closed and his senses sharpened Hawk feels his subconscious Lucid powers spike in power. Despite his blindness he is able to defend himself almost as if he wasn’t from the remainder of the bark warriors. Suddenly as he takes a rash chance and stabs without sight with all his might he finds the chest of one twisting his blade while it’s sap drip onto his knuckles. As he feels it’s fey essence pour from the wound the searing white of his eyes suddenly darkens giving way to blackness. Within it he can see in the way only a Lucid, such as himself could. A large emerald eye with a serpentine iris and blazing yellow runes drift along along it’s massive lens. An intense anger burns along this massive figure as a low hiss turns to a deep guttural growl. A spike of fear clenches him frigid as he realizes this isn’t just a waking nightmare, but something staring at him; something large and deadly…

Alex spots the Eladrin witch smirk looking to the sky and begins to run deep into the woods before shouting out in Elven “Leave them, he is coming!”. Shaking his head furiously shouting “Oh hell no bitch!” he sprints after her seeing everyone is nice and busy wanting to make sure he catches up to her in time to find out what the cryptic message meant. As he throws out a pin point attack at the magi to slow her down he suddenly notices the same rune glimmer along her Feladrin had and with no effect. A bit confused but unable to investigate he puts more energy into her pursuit and continues after her unaware one of her knights shielded her from damage. It is then that the sound of something louder than thunder roars out into the sky, drawing the eyes all the War-Wolves to the sky in horror.

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