The Crimson Witch


With skin as white as snow and eyes as dark as crimson blood this woman holds a surreal level of beauty that would cause most men to go silent with awe. Her feral fangs and sharp claws almost go unnoticed by any onlooker till it’s too late. When last seen she had been adorned in a makeshift outfit of crimson web spider silks and carried twelve crimson sashes to represent the final hour of any souls’ life has come.


Now an infamous figure of horror and undeath, yet once a beautiful woman who was deeply in love with her King. In Life, Ruairna was a well noted Eladrin ‘Strider’ of the Feywilds and her home of Minther. Though she would become known as a hero to her people she too shared the fate of nearly all Eladrin and that was to face the deafening marches of Hell trample over her homeland and nearly eradicate her people. Herself and countless others were taken as hostages to be tormented like animals until their minds shattered. It was with her guile and King’s Eldraine’s charisma they lead their splintered house to freedom from deep inside the infernal bastille. Fleeing for their lives and with and with Ruairna leading them to safety across the ocean it was only a matter of time till more survivors appeared and the makings of a humble Elven Bastion took place.

Suffering from the condition later dubbed ‘The Fading”, Ruairna as well as any Eladrin found themselves losing touch with their immortality and a good portion of their fey-like nature due to their severed ties to the Feywild with the sundering of the Wisp-ways. Ultimately Ruairna wouldn’t suffer this condition long as the months passed her love for her king grew into passion as both were madly in love. However it wasn’t proper for either to be married to one another nor would it have helped rebuild their shattered kingdom. Within a few weeks Ruairna was assassinated for her affiliations withKing Eldraine II and had it made to look like she tried to betray the king. Denied a burial among her people and her for the crimes against her people it was seen as a disgrace to some yet justice to others. In the years to pass she would be moved to a religious site to be compel the Incarnates to be absolved of her guilt.

It would come to no surprise that her pain and anguish wouldn’t allow her to die from such injustice. She arose a vampire bent on vengeance against her own people who had deprived her and her lover of what they sacrificed so much for. She raised a terrible army of the undead and terrorized the Elven Bastion of Vistra demanding Cauldia be evacuated save the cemeteries, and that the capital city leave behind 316 of it’s people, one for every year she was denied justice. Not willing to give into such outrageous demands it came to no surprise that the War Wolves and Ruairna would cross blades in the future.

Though proclaimed dead by her enemies, Ruairna had faced the band of adventurers emerging victorious over them killing not one but three of their members within her claimed haven. Though forced to retreat herself, ultimately she still hides in the shadows of Lore’un searching for a way to gain what she has been denied. The empty claims of her defeat have only helped hide her presence from her enemies so she may strike from the shadows once again in the name of undying love.


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