The Blade-Thighs


An incomparable Attasian beauty offering the foreign features many men crave for amorous nights. She holds a slightly wild look in her eyes and she always seems to start to grin when around men or women she find attractive. Her breathing is said to grow shallow and his hands become nervous when she intends to sleep with them …


Veronica is an infamous criminal of the Attasian Empire, she has been known as “The Widower”, “Succubus” and by various other differentiations of slut or harlot. Reguardless of her various names the one that clearly stuck was known as The Blade Thighs, this came from her compulsion to kill those she slept with. Whatever her reasoning it was something almost involuntary for her she would fall in love and be wisked off and romanced by man or woman weaving a elaborate illusion or perhaps truly feeling that way. But the moment sex became involved she would murder them immediately during climax.

Many investigators lead this behavior to a psychological high of some sort due to the fact she eventually became a master of disguise and a con artist. Beginning to live new lives meeting new people in new areas and starting the process over and over again. The height of her crimes was against the Empress Castinell II, whom was able to be saved prior to Veronica’s curse. Still so enchanted and loving of Veronica the Empress couldn’t bare to have her brought to proper justice and instead arranged for her to be sent to the Infamous Kinzairian jail known as “The Chilling Lock”

It would be there that Veronica would remain imprisoned until Colin’s arrival; which she prompty escaped and formed alliances with other various inmates to escape successfully out of the city and go seperate ways. The War Wolves overheard her going back to Marasonte to be with the Empress…


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