Rage Incarnate


One thing is for certain, Colin was once human… his life was ended as an unnatural abomination whose body incorporated the dead and horrific parasites.


Once a great mercenary captain to the area of Malentor, a territory to the Kinzairian Kingdoms. Colin was a mighty man, and his unit commanded respect. When dealing with the contract to slay a white dragon within the area of Bordasin treachery reared it’s ugly head. Colin lost many great men to the beast and demanded compensation. Instead of even compensation, he was instead denied his contract since his ranks were so meager and in position to demand anything.

Denied his money or tribute for his men’s sacrifice Colin vowed revenge which was fulfilled by a acolyte of the Emerald Resurgence who had twisted the form of Colin into an abomination. Using a pure node of Chimera, the man quickly lost his mind and grew monsterous devouring the slain and twisting his body most with each every new kill. Those within the area grew twisted and insane themselves… the city grew unholy and diseased like a cancer. It eventually came down to the Sapientais Griffonous & The War Wolves to deal with this monster…


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