Glen Thiradane


A tall and sturdy man with broad shoulders and a strong back. He was often silent but could let out a billow roar that would shame lions and inspire lambs. His short military style brown hair and chain mail made him almost blend into the crowd of warfare. Yet it was his smile that always brought the War-Wolves through when the fire would dim or the armor needed tending. Always thinking of others and selfless to the end… Glen Thiradane, You will be missed.


A bastard son to the Kinzairian King, Glen Thiridane wasn’t born into the comforts a prince might have been. Instead he was shunned for his mother’s infidelity to her husband and her station. Though ravaged by the king while he had come to visit the Duke of Noa, ultimately the Queen of Kinzair grew jealous of this woman. Forced into hiding and subjected to a family that refused to let her abort the child, thus a young Glen Thiridane (or Thassil as his Mother’s Name) was born. And to Nalic his family fled as to not anger the royal family.

Being a burden on his impoverished family, Glen quickly learned to try and be self sufficient and tending to deeds around his home. It wouldn’t be long till after his uncle had broken his leg that Glen joined the militia in Nalic. Becoming a seasoned solider in combat and leadership it wasn’t long till the shy and silent Thassil boy became worthy of his true name. Becoming a Sargent of his own personal unit it was in his patrols against bandits that he learned he had royal blood in his veins. His Aunt had sold Glen out to the Kinzairian royal family particularly aggressive nobles who didn’t want to have inheritances claimed by a commoner. Sending assassins to portray humble bandits drew the trap close and it was then that his enemy revealed who they where.

Never truly coming to terms with his birthright it was a noble of the land who offered personal aid and gifts for the securing of his family. It was with hope that Glen sought out Douglas Willhelm, In Hopes to make terms with his heritage. Joining a company by the name of the War-Wolves, this capable commander found himself cherished and befriending the various members of the unit. He even developed a love interest with a mysterious and young flirty girl by the name of Selena Verrin. Growing close to all his friends and comrades it was harrowing moment to see Glen Thiridane pass on…

Stricken with grief from the loss of his lover, her twisting into undeath and the rejection of his love minutes before losing her left him unable or just perhaps unwilling to fight a contagion he contracted while trying to get revenge against Ruairna, the Crimson Witch. To this day the warm smile and optimistic battle cry of this humble warrior leaves an echo in the original members of the War Wolves

Glen Thiradane

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