The Venomous Dreamer


Light build and bristling with magical runes glimmering off his scales and eyes this dragon possessed a Eldritch pact with the renowned Arch-Magi Quarion, which granted him the ability to draw upon a small node the magi’s power to use for himself in the fashion to unleash potent curses or destructive motes of elemental energies.


A young green dragon whom was indigenous to the nation of Terrovin. While still a hatchling this young green dragon had been lost within the Feywilds, playing tricks and scampering along the knotted floors of wood. A mischievous trickster and minor prodigy with magic this small creature was seen as a mischievous jester more than a noble descendant of Irothossin. Yet like all Dragons, as the years turned to decades the young and wild dragon grew large and knew his woods inside and out. It wasn’t until this century old dragon felt a beacon of magic draw and lure him towards a small section of the woods he’d never explored. A beacon of Feywild energies lured him to a small cottage, where a Noble Family by the name of Willhelm had been residing for a year.

The Dragon’s appearance to the Lord not only horrified the man but whipped him into a frenzy refusing to let Liathossin to take his son or wife. Though not the intention of Liathossin, the dragon did manage to play a few of his old tricks, yet it wasn’t enough for a lord bent of the death of this intruder. Liathossin had no desire to harm anyone but rather to gaze upon “The Lucid” newborn within their cottage. Not willing to oblige or even listen Willhelm ordered his men to kill the beast… they came very close.

Wounded and dying in the woods filled with anger it is the mysterious figure named “Quarion” appeared offering to save the dragon’s life. Instinct overrode the cunning of this beast as it begged from the Eladrin to spare his life. Oblidged, Liathossin found a surge of power and strength but his heart filled with rage the young dragon returned angrier than any hornet crashing through the walls of Willhelm’s cottage. Unprepared for the return of Liathossin Willhelm and his guards fleed for their lives the noble and his family as well…

(In Recent Events, an organization known as The War Wolves vanquished this magically enhanced dragon just narrowly avoiding death themselves to do it. They have relinquished the Free Realm of Terrovin from the grasp of Liathossin forever)


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