A what is not I am, but rather a who...


Found rooted to the soils of the Shadowfel, Riddlewood is a dreary fey that inspires a sense of hopelessness within his deceptively vibrant grove of green. Appearing as an emaciated corpse of wood and vines this Fey speaks in only riddles and rhymes within the gloomy mists near the chapel of The Melith Mitore. With malicious intent this Fey can subject travelers to the doom of wandering his woods as long as this patient tree desires. But the truest way to appease Riddlewood is to test your wits against him through riddles, which undoubtedly is what earned him his name. According to accounts recorded by Quest this ancient spirit of a dark forest knew Hawk Gilmere’s parents. It is rumored that this fey was the instructor of the renowned Farrick Gilmere but eventually Farrick and Riddlewood grew at odds with one another.

Riddlewood has helped Hawk “Nexus” Gilmere realize exactly what he is as well as why he was orphaned as a child. Foretelling of a subconscious ability almost synonymous with Sorcery yet linked to his slumbering mind. Refered to as “A Lucid”, Riddlewood has offered Hawk his immortal knowledge to help hone such raw potential into an effective tool for the glory of the Fey. Unsettled by the connection this Dark Fey has with his family so far Hawk has found himself uneasy in trusting this “would-be-mentor” with his gifts and has remained silent and distant.

Famous Quotes

(Chuckle) Was it luck or simply a guess? Either way the answer is yes…

What does man love more than life, Fear more than death or mortal strife? What the poor have, the rich require, and what contented men desire, What the miser spends and the spendthrift saves, all men carry to their graves? (Nothing)


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