Beserker with an Ax to Grind


Gron is a very big and ugly half-orc even by their standards. He has various scars and tattoos along his body which indicate a savage nature and carries around a gruesome looking axe upon his back. Despite his brutish charms his is muscular and hardly beyond a shadow of a doubt, and even the chaos of Malentor couldn’t claim him or his wife.


What little is known of Gron and Scarlet is that they were once citizens of Bradkin back in the day. Most members of The War Wolves suspect them to have been criminals, but even Zurial’s traveling companion Anslem found himself pushed to his limit to face this berserker who was safe guarding his wife from the monsters and madmen of Malentor that arrose from Colin’s Wake. After a battle with the Attasian Shieldman which could have only been described as epic the two found a begruding rivalry and truce during the chaos.

The last the group saw of Gron or Scarlet was moments before heading into the Chilling Lock. Saying their goodbyes the lovers headed as far south as possible; hellbent on making it past the Pantheon Quarantine which imprisoned the entire nation.


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