A sultry preveyor of fine spirits and wine


Perhaps the most gorgeous woman any man might see, this woman is not afraid to flaunt her body and charms. With long straight red hair, pale skin, green eyes, voluptuous curves and a tight scarlet colored dress this beauty would always be a sight for sore eyes. Cause any more than a stare might mean they lose those eyes thanks to her husband Gron…


Next to nothing is known of Scarlet, she is obviously beautiful but her lover Gron keeps it that way. She obviously hinted at being a prostitute prior to marrying her husband but she hadn’t told much of herself other than she was very good with a thread and needle while she patched up her husband’s body. Bidding a due to The War Wolves the brief days with Scarlet are most assuredly never to be forgotten but all the same were very brief.


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