The Blacklander


Dark brown hair with steel colored eyes; this pale skinned Halfling looks humble but he hides a dark side behind those innocent eyes. Wearing black studded leather armor with an array of various knives and a ornate short sword. Seen as a Criminal mastermind this halfling wears a tribal tattoo of a black dragon on his right bicept and always covers his face less thirsty.


Spoken of in hushed tones, this mysterious figure had a hand in helping Feladrin and Hawke get their start as Adventurers within the Free Realm of Nalic. Dealing in Drug & Slavery rings, Black market trades and assassinations this miniature crime boss is by no means without his savy henchmen at all times. He was last seen by the War-wolves while busting them out from a Sacrificial Trial to Eldarith. During the recent Xanorian invasion of Nalic, Blacklander and his organization mysteriously vanished from their base of operations in the frontier town of Blackriver. He hasn’t been seen since his the south turned into a starved wasteland.


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