Jacob Willhelm

Rightful Heir to the Throne of Nalic


A young 14 year old he is weak and pale with jet black hair like his father’s. His eyes are a sky blue but during his enchantment his eyes were a bright luminous green…(nothing more has been discovered so far)


The only living descendant of the once proud Willhelm noble bloodline within Nalic. Before his birth both his mother and father were manipulated by the Arch-Mage Quarion to take a paternity leave holiday with him to an estate of his within the fantastic realm of the Feywild. To this Arch-mage Jacob was nothing more than an experiment as the very moment he was born it was because Quarion desired it to be. Submerged into an enchanted lake and forcibly infused with an enormous amount of Eldritch Power. Forged by the Arch-Mage to become a rare type of magical engine known as “A Lucid” this boy was afflicted with horrible nightmares and dreams. His own subconscious blighting others and controlling their minds and twisting their reasoning to his own. Such powerful magic drew the curiosity of a young green dragon named Liathossin. This dragon became instrumental in separating Jacob and his mother from Douglas Willhelm.

As Quarion made a pact with Liathossin after it was nearly killed for such bold investigations of a Nobles newborn. This became the beginning of the end for Jacob’s family…

Jacob Willhelm

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