Tilora Castinel II

Empress to the Attasian Empire


A confident woman, with slightly malevolent hazel eyes. This empress possesses the body of a middle aged woman in good shape for her age and underlined beauty which has been dulled with age. She obviously holds an expression devoid of fear and full of expectations. Her accent illistrates her Attasian Heritage to a perfect standard as does her smirk perfectly befit the cold title of empress.


Empress to a cursed people, Tilora Castinel II has been the Empress of the Attasian empire for 25 years. Originally taken on at the height of her beauty she has had many husbands and lovers in her heathenistic lifestyle full of over-indulgence in all things. Be it wealth, art, food, wine or sex Empress Castinel II is never found lacking less her reputation be compromised. Despite the expectations of her being a woman she has governed her empire just a confident as any male proceeds before her. She has possessed no less cruel tactics than any of her warlord generals and has been rumored to be so fickle that it has been seen as an affront to the Pantheon itself.

Despite her many vices the Queen is none the less an ideal leader to the Empire ensuring many of the main tenants of the Attasian Empire remain strong. In a way she is almost the generic stereotype of any of any dictator before her, so in a sense not truly standing out among the other nefarious rulers of the Empire. Loyalty to the throne within Attasian has always come from complacency or boredom so naturally in the empire assassination attempts are common but rarely successful against someone of her position.

The Only two people who have had contact with The War Wolves to ever met this woman would have been The Teifling occultist Zurial and his companion Anslem of Bordasin. After thrawting an assassination attempt by a Young Steel Dragon of all things whom had served under the queen disguised as one of her various handmaidens…

Tilora Castinel II

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