King Eldraine Vistra

Current King of Vistra


With keen amber eyes, black as night hair and a demeanor as placid as a lake this king of Vistra seems to radiate wisdom and patience. His word can bring a hush over rabble and his grace resembles the Eladrin ways to a perfect standard despite his obvious Elven Heritage now.


Not much is known of King Eldraine Vistra IV other than the fact he is the current leader that resides over his land. He has proven himself a merciful king with compassion for both sides and never too judging. He has always remained open-minded in situations regardless of circumstance which has earned him the respect he deserves. He was responsible for officially inducting both Feladrin & Hawk Gilmere into his court as nobles after the tale of their exploits reached his ears about the defeat of Ruairna, the Crimson Witch.

Granting them both land and tithes, both of these adventurers have seemed to more or less failed the game of politics within Vistra. This isn’t surprising considering the enviroment in which Vistra operates; but Feladrin Rainwolf has revoked his own nobility to better serve the king while Hawk Gilmere attempts to get his lands under proper control once again.

King Eldraine Vistra

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