The Iceheart


Speaking in a tired and intimidating tone, this dwarf was an enigma to most who would see him. A Dwarven wizard, he was adorned in leather armor and furs carrying a flintlock pistol and a staff of cold stone which brought forth chilling fogs just from holding it. His appearance was always well kept yet somehow always rugged for an expression. Most has said when Haggard speaks it’s like standing on needles…


An original founder of The War Wolves, Haggard had never once truly harmonized with the objectives of the organization. He was a cruel and distant Mage with worries all his own, he was often coughing and mixing tonics in his free time or simply reading preferring to keep to himself. Eventually speaking with Uldara, Haggard learned of his noble status and rather than report it he began to weave a deal with this heir to the Xanorian Thaneship. Helping her achieve enough knowledge of Nalic’s Defenses both Haggard and Uldara left without a word to the other members of the War Wolves.

Months later they would return with conquest on their minds. Striving to take the capital of Nalic, Northwind the Xanorians were lead by Uldara, Haggard and an array of other Dwarves. Had it not been for the horrific tactics employed by the new Duke of Nalic, Douglas Willhelm (which was later discovered to be Quarion)their seiges would have been successful. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case… the Xanorians have over-extended themselves from their trade routes and rebels known as the Northwind combatants were ambushing trade routes.

Eventually Haggards unit was attacked by a group of Fey while trying to retreat back to Xanoria. These were representatives to the Emerald Resurgence, killing most of the unit Haggard was offered a chance to abandon his unit and join them for unknown reasons. Having much later encountered new members of The War Wolves, Haggard led them into a deathtrap before escaping with his life.

It is presumed Haggard is still working for Quarion to this day…


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