Alexander Gabrieos

A Knight-Commander of the Sapientais Griffonous


Dark blond hair with bright emerald eyes this man seems to emanate an intense charisma. A ordained Leotin longsword upon his side and the symbol of Lion’s sunbursting cross upon his body shield this knight is clad in the silvers and whites of his god. Adorned in plate mail and a billowing cloak stitched with the few hymn of “The Golden Word” upon it this young man stood for all that was righteous and just in man…


Known as 2nd Commander to the Sapientais Griffonous, Alexander Gaberios was raised among a humble monastery from youth in Noa. Full of plight due to Attasian invasions, the young lad was trained to hunt down teiflings and kill them with reckless abandon. He lead many campaigns in his youth against the fell-bloods until he realized the error of his ways when confronted by the widow of a benevolent Attasian Duke he slew. Finding true salvation within his his old home the monastery became his salvation as he realized the only way to undo the horrors he had caused from Xenophobia was to put his life on the offering table for things far worse than himself till his final days…

It was the Kinzairian Kingdom of Malentor that Alexander would be confronted by a Half-elf named Vanthus who had a fool notion to save the source of a Chimeran infestation in the nation’s heart; Bradakin. Allowing Vanthus and his irregulars through Gaberios had to prepare for a purging of the entire nation to make certain the horror so the infestation were properly removed. To his surprise Vanthus’ organization known as the War-Wolves emerged cutting down the carrier of the surreal madness. Able to change plans in mid purge to “save” as many lives as possible the Crusader was cut down trying to save an innocent by a twisted horror.

The Knight Commander’s death was a horrible wound to the Order; before able to start a ritual to properly burn him in effigy Vanthus and the others stopped the ceremony demanding that a Mysterious figure by the name of Blackheart take the body of Alexander with it. Mortified they would do such a thing, the order didn’t stop them due to their selfless roles in saving so many lives.

… The Knight Commander’s body hasn’t been found since …

Alexander Gabrieos

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