Shamaness of the Mist Spirits


Tall, powerful and mysteriously proud this Goliath woman looks as though she could easily best just about any man she might across. A greatclub of darkwood by her side and blue hinted totem of turquoise and pearl which is in the shape of a bear in her off hand. Her body is adorned in colorful markings in various shades and hues that unravel like roots along her body. Wearing the fur and hide armor of a large panther this shaman looks to carry many totems and an heir of arrogance or perhaps stern judgments about her.


A recent companion to The War Wolves, Cynterra is a mysterious Goliath shaman of the Terrovin Forests. Her spirit guardian a ghostly bear comprised of mist has been by her side since the beginning of her endeavors within Terrovin. While no one is asking questions as her to her motives she seems to have few if any ties to these strangers. The only reason one could surmise that this spiritual speaker tolerates her companions is that they are helping her somehow. In fact, the only thing the War Wolves do know of her is that she is not in favor of the Xanorian or Nalic troops within the the sanctity of Terrovin.

Though she hasn’t spoken often when she needs to assert herself she has demonstrated the willpower to do so without hesitation. She has proven herself a very cold-hearted if not cruel woman who claims that complexity and weakness are only ways to be overwhelmed by mundane complications such as ambush or broad view spectrum. Wishing to focus one what ‘can’ be done rather than what needs to be be done, he logic is not only frustrating to most of the War Wolves but she has also proven to have a similar mindset to her enemies and never afraid to resort to violence as a “The great translator of views.”


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