Douglas Willhelm


A charming man, obviously time has claimed much of his looks but he was a good man all the same. Always wearing clothing befitting of his station and never speaking out of hate or anger Douglas Willhelm always had a twinge of worry in his voice.


The first benefactor to any of the members who would become known as The War Wolves, Douglas Willhelm had been one of the first men to see the potential of it’s founding members. Feladrin The Rainwolf, Hawk Gilmere The Carving Shield, Rory Mac The Outrider, Smiling Jak, Glen Thiradane, Haggard the Iceheart, Uldara the Tactician and Selena Verrin.

Hiring them to help the people of Vistra, improve the opinion of his noble house and eventually to find his family. Douglas Willhelm had no idea eventually these members would turn traito, let alone his most trusted friend Quarion would have been using him for decades. The tale that accompanies Lord Willhelm and his family is undoubtedly filled with sadness and betrayel but if anyone was to have avenged this selfless man it would have been Hawk Gilmere. Taking away the burdens of Lucid magic from Jacob Willhelm his son and granting him a chance at a normal life.

It hardly is justice for the crimes committed against a devoted father, husband and friend but it is at least a start…

Douglas Willhelm

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