Ferrick Gilmere

Sheppard of the Lostlands


Gruff and older in years, this man looks to be powerfuly built despite his age though obviously looks very calm and collected. His hair is very short just enough to color his scalp and gently graying hue of black. In his rugged face the expression of a glare seems almost naturally on this man’s face. Adorned in brown robes with black trim, this man carries many strange trinkets but most notably would be a twitching staff that seems to tremble every now and again.


Not much is known of Ferrick Gilmere other than the fact he was born around the time the land experienced a mass of disappearances. With no home or loved ones he traveled the world and eventually found Fiora his future wife. While in youth Ferrick became adopted by the Melith Mitore of Vistra and both Ferrick and Fiora began to fall in love. Not long before Sehrai wished to negotiate with Vistra for the right to bury Ruairna within the walls of her home bastion did the lovers leave and head for a life of adventure. It is said that Ferrick himself was trained by the mysterious Treant of the Shadowfel known as “Riddlewood.” Since then Ferrick and Fiora have righted many wrongs and live the lives of estranged adventures.

Ferrick Gilmere

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