Fiora Gilmere

Slayer of Kalinouoth, The Mountain King


Bewitchingly beautiful with light auburn hair and tan skin she looks very young for her age. Her body looks to be very muscular and toned which no doubt comes from her rigorous and continual fighting. She wears her hair in many methods but most preferably as a ponytail. Her emerald eyes look to hold a elven look but her face holds much more of her human heritage. She bares elven tattoos which appear to represent the shamanistic symbols of wind. Yet upon her body are adorned many, many scars from decades of battle.


This Half-Elven woman carries two kopeshes known as “The Fangs of Legend” which were said to have been plucked straight out of the mighty jaws of “The Mountain King” The Old Gray Dragon, Kalinouoth. She looks to be suited into a set of dull gray scale armor said to have also come from said dragon of legends. She had been credited with slaying the mighty beast with the help of her mystical partner and husband Ferrick Gilmere. The tales of their exploits are spread far and wide by the bards which raise their feats to epic proportions becoming synonymous with any other folklore heroes. Despite her age it seems the traces of the elven blood in her veins keep her youthful and strong as according to tales of the bards Fiora would have to be in her late 50’s.

Fiora Gilmere

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