Norrick Felhammer

The one, and only...


A far descendant to the famous Dwarven thane of Nothridel, Durin Felhammer. Norrick has never been one to be treated as a noble. Living a long and arduous life full of hardships, blood and combat Norrick has grown accustomed to combat as though it were a chore for him to do every day, yet he does yearn and aspire for tranquil moments of peace. Having to endure the loss of his wife and little daughter to the hands of Orcs it is said Norrick went mad with grief diving into a pit of the foul creatures bare handed and not only emerging victorious but taking out anyone else who got in his way to the sea. As Norrick tell the story he fought non-stop from his remote lands of Nothridel till he arrived upon Nanicia. While most speculate at the sheer power of Norrick, he truly feels at peace around children as they remind him of his young daughter. Willing to protect any child he meets this has been the source of more than one brawls with the locals of any land, though it is something Norrick absolutely refuses to let go.

Carrying around his Ancestor’s renowned weapon, Known as “War” Norrick’s Mordenkrad leaves everyone in the War wolves a bit nervous once the ales start to kick in and Norrick gets a little ‘swingy’ with his toy. While his membership with the War Wolves is a fleeting one, he is planning to stay as long as his traveling companion Elidrine is intent on staying. For now, Norrick is thought of as the attack dog of the War Wolves organization, probably for his eagerness for fight. Or maybe it’s just the smell…

Norrick Felhammer

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