The Emerald Magi


Tall and confident, this is an Eladrin who has an unfathomable amount of arcane power swirling around his very body. He has blond hair, pale white skin and eyes that burn brighter than any Eladrin you’ve seen. Clothed in shimmering emerald silks and masterfully cut bracers and kingly rings he would be a shining example of a noble Eladrin were it not for the wicked smile upon his face…


Quarion was born well before the Inheritance Wars; when the empires of magic were cast into darkness by the founders of The Pantheon. During the dark ages of the occult Quarion lead many expeditions to reclaim lost archives and lore from the religious Zealots that had claimed many havens of free thought. Some say he rose to the ranks of an Arch-Mage from doing this and said he must of stumbled upon a vast library of lost knowledge. Regardless of the circumstance it remains proven in history that Quarion eventually was accepted within the Spiral Tower of Nalina. His succession through it’s ranks was legendary to this day till he earned the rank of The Emerald Magi.

His studies and dispositions were varied widely even into the arts of necromancy and planar distortion; nothing was taboo for this brave study. Under his tutelage many of the spell-casters flourished and a renewal of the Eladrin crafts was formed once again within Minther after the Inheritance Wars. Avoiding a fate like that of the brash and proud Dragonborn cabals which drew closer and closer to extinction for their pride. Creating new principals of Magic, and even aiding in the creation of the original Wisp-Ways Quarion’s contributions to his people are well noted.

Yet It was during the cursed day known as “Hell’s March”, when Minther would be hopelessly lost and it’s people scattered to the four winds that Quarion simply disappeared from Eladrin history. According to a Mintherian tome of nobility Quarion was pledged to the prestigious noble Eldraine Vistra I. Yet during Hell’s March the noble Lord was slain commanding his house to fight to the bitter end. Faced with the end of ‘The World" Quarion happily fought the horrors of Hell alongside the remnants of house Vistra. According to allegory from a disciple of Quarion’s who supposedly survived the cataclysm the weakened remainder of the house was taken captive as many other Eladrin Houses were. It was there that Lord Eldraine’s Son was found alive. Quarion helped join a rebellion inside their infernal prison leading to one of the only cases of prisoner escape from the Forces of Hell.

Quarion became a leading contributor to the formation of the Elven bastion of Vistra. Becoming a guide to their new king Eldraine Vistra II the nation was well formed and became nearly a perfect incarnation of Mintherian culture and tradition. All was right again till evidence of the Eladrin disease known as “The Fading” became evident. After this epidemic claimed the Eladrin people forcing them into mortality, a purposed marriage was taking place between King Eladrin Vistra II and a common-blood Strider by the name of Ruairna. This was a breach of culture and a sign of madness in Quarion’s eyes. Approaching the Allegoric reference of Sehrai to stop this disgrace a great tragedy took place that to this day hasn’t been avenged. Feeling incredible guilt, Sehrai eventually forsake the Eladrin culture to form the Melith Mitore. As Quarion’s last act as chancellor to the King he brands Sehrai and his followers traitors to Vistra exiling them.

Feeling the world has succumbed to a great madness or disease left behind by the forces of Hell Quarion leaves in search of a way to enter the Feywilds and in that respect find a way to reverse The Fading within himself. 317 years have gone by since that day, Quarion has conceivably been devising a plan to purge the world of it’s problems. And now he sits upon a throne above the world; watching, waiting and knowing that plan is moments from fruition…


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