A zealot of the Emerald Resurgence


Pale skin and emerald eyes; this blond haired knight is adorned in Eladrin Finemail and carrying a masterfully enchanted ‘green-steel” longsword. An ancient shield of darkwood hovers over his back attached by nothing more than unearthly magic less summons to his left hand. A silver medallion of a hawk draped over his neck seems worth a small fortune…


Held as a temporary captive by the War-Wolves, this Eldarin Arcane Archer provided some much needed perspective to the group. Apparently born long ago or at the very least well versed in the history of his people Raiwyn proved to have an undying zeal to see Quarion’s enemies cut asunder and the Emerald Resurgence to be brought to fruition. Though he lacks proper understanding on the implementation of the plan (as do probably all basic members), Raiwyn’s loyalty to his master astounded the War Wolves. In fact the only information they could surmise truly from this member of the Emerald Resurgence is that it threatens the world of Lore’un yet claims to breath new life into the dying world of the Fey. As to how, he wouldn’t or perhaps couldn’t have told them. Either way, Raiwyn proved to the War Wolves the Folly of their quest and the inevitability of Quarion’s calculations.

Famous Quote: ” Ah yes, cling to what you were taught of us young Elf! But let me assure your people would have been right along side ours had they the means to do so at the time. So cling to those false stories of strength and bravery… choose your ignorant bravado just like any other ‘mortal’. “


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