Rory Mac Westfarthing

A halfling outrider and former leader of the War Wolves


Stocky for a halfling, Rorymac wears black plate armor and a helm with wickedly curved horns. He’s rarely seen without his faithful dire wolf at his side.

In combat, the Outrider attempts to flank with allies and charge his foes. When surrounded, he commands his wolf mount to trip and gore enemies, demoralizing his foes and allowing him to escape.


Few people knew Rorymac before his transformation into the Outrider.

Those that do will tell you that even as a young lad growing up in Nalic, he wasn’t quite right. A bully, neighborhood tough, and future mercenary, Rorymac’s constant companions were trouble, Jakith, and a dire wolf with no name except the screaming of its victims.

Blackmailed by mercenaries, Rorymac and Jakith worked for years as scouts, spies, and toughs. When Duke Wilhelm put out the call for heroes, the devious pair were dispatched to infiltrate and report anything useful. Put in command of the war wolves, he was torn between his company, and his new found subordinates. Eventually, he would take advantage of the opportunity to escape from the yoke of mercenary life.

Then the dwarves came.

The invasion of Nalic was swift and devastating. Jakith and Rorymac reluctantly returned to battle alongside the Northwind Combatants, only to be captured and scheduled for execution. The pair was rescued, and eventually returned to the War Wolves, now located near the elven bastion of Vistra.

Left in charge of Feladrin’s holdings, Rorymac used his own special brand of diplomacy to maintain order in the midst of noble intrigue and undead incursions.

Rorymac took part in the War Wolves’ confrontation with Quarion. Upon their defeat, he and several others were left to wander the Shadowfel. Their fate is not yet known.

Rory Mac Westfarthing

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