Selena Verrin


A cute blonde with long hair which was occasionally braided for combat. A smile was always on her face and the constant tone of light-heartedness followed her where she went. She carried a single short sword and a small collection of daggers with her but they were always well hidden. Never a fan of fighting she usually found ways to avoid it or any confrontation. Her deeper emotions were easily read on her face despite her best efforts to hide them.


Selena Verrin was born the life of a Vagabound, her father and brother went from place to place within the Elven bastion of Vistra living the lives of missionaries or traveling merchants. Selena learned ways to tend to her family becoming the mother the family needed despite being the youngest child. Learning to get people’s attention with displays of skill or slight of hand the young girl eventually blossomed. Not long after her father mysteriously vanished one strange night after a visitor arrived at their campfire.

Selena’s father knew the man, they discussed some things in private and that night was the last night she saw her father alive. Her brother Adrain wished to find their father and offered his sister to come with him. Selena desperately wanted to come but she had fallen in love and her father had not been gone for very long. She declined, a decision she would regret many for many years later. As months went by, and talk of marriage was on the horizon Selena’s thoughts went to her family. Feeling guilt for abandoning her brother and never seeing her father Selena went in search of her brother. Her lover insisted upon coming with her, and within a few weeks her brother Adrain was found … a shadow of his former self.

Adrain had become hopelessly insane, only speaking logically in cryptic terms. Despite his illness he was able to manipulate his sister very easily through guilt. Leading her to a religious site of the Melith Mitore, Adrian began grave robbing saying it would help them find their father. Selena was opposed to the whole thing till their father’s ring was produced by her Adrain as proof. Selena’s lover wasn’t willing to help, being a follower of the Melith Mitore in basic spirit. It wasn’t until Adrain locate a necklace adorned upon an altar that everything went horribly wrong.

As the looting continued, A vampris arrived with the scorn of three centuries in her eyes. Killing Selena’s lover and eventually her mage brother he relentlessly pursued the girl throughout Vistra day in and day out as hordes of undead poured out from all crevasses of the earth. Managing to escape into a city Selena thought she would be safe till the patrols of guards and the fortifications were overrun moments later. Continuing to flee for her life, Selena found a skift resting upon the shores of Vistra. With all her might she cast out to sea seeing the undead hordes racing to the coastline and halting… their deadly stares aimed at her until they withdrew moments later.

After that day Selena tried her best to avoid and repress those horrible nightmares eventually deciding to live as a mercenary for coin. Eladrith lord of Fate would deem that Selena would join the War Wolves, eventually having to confront Vistra’s Vampris; Ruairna the Crimson Witch. Ultimately Selena would not survive the ordeal… leaving her allies with an absolute sense of loss.

Selena Verrin

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