Maleficent Force


Graced with a set of eight empty black orbs for his eyes, and powerful looking fangs with arachnid like features. Vervonox appears to no more human than a shadow does once twisted and stretched by a flickering flame. With upside down palms and sharp knife like talons adorned to the misshapen creature’s six arms the only way to describe the gruesome creature is the vivid stuff of nightmares.


Behind the sinister plots of this mysterious figure lurks are far worse threat than can be imagined by sheer speculation. Whatever Vervonox considers himself it is clear the creature is no mortal. His face and form are malleable to his needs which allows the horror to veil himself in the mantle of society. Worse still is it’s ability to look into the soul of his victims and read their every thought in painstaking detail with but a thought lending himself tremendous influence over any and all would-be challengers.

Fearing no mortal and declaring itself the only true god of Lore’un, Vervonox’s will is yet unknown other than it plans to plunge the region into utter misery and claim the ruins of his schemes for his own. Woe befalls to all who rival, but most of all pity the Band of Balance for rising against him…


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