Bardic Tales


hroughout the ages of Lore’un their has always been a need to pass on one’s life experiences or wisdom through their life to others. Starting perhaps as far back as the Dragonborn elders; wishing to impart their wisdom to the next guardians of the Ancients. Since those ancient times the souls who grew to thirst for these stories began to seek them out no matter the risk or trial. These souls became pilgrams to all wisdom, big or small. They would journey to any lands to tell of their stories and songs to any and all who would listen. Whatever their drive, origin or circumstances of these travelers they eventually became known as Bards. Despite the rarity of a true bard, within the world exists those countless stories and lessons. We have no way to truly honor the achievements of the Bards of Old. Yet all the same within here you shall find vast reaches and manuscripts of these illuminating souls.

Learn well their lessons, for they can only be taught so long…

Heroic Chronicles: The first time a heroic chronicle was ever told or recorded it surely must have come from some ancient warrior or a very convincing liar, at the very least. But what is the world without the greatness of one(or many) immortalized for the ages? (Crimson Witch, To Peer into Maddness, The River Troll, Chieftain of the Crushing Bone Clan, The Festival of Worlds, The Dargoul)

Historic Lore: Though perhaps a bit unimaginative when measured against the inspiration of many great story tellers the art of retelling the past holds a certain beauty to the many souls (and the bane of young children everywhere)(The Fall of Khalide

Wayfarer’s Recounts: The sheer event of witnessing a marvelous or inexplicable sight could take lifetimes to convey how it was perceived. And yet that wondering deed or action could have been as brief as a gust of wind. Yet it would come to no surprise that the accounts of travelers, wanderers and wayfarers became as precious as gold to a good bard. (The Glade of Deadmen, The Floating Ruin Arcanis, Nature’s Tear)

Auto-biographies: Almost cripplingly painful for a Bard to bare without getting their ‘two-coppers’ in, auto biographies are often priceless to these scholars of stories as it provides perspectives impossible to ever be certain of unless the act of writing it was honest. Of course those that aren’t also provide a insightful Bard hours of amusement. (My name is Izendare, An Envisioned Road)

Bardic Tradition: Music, Dance, Stories & Culture are all powerful tools to a Bard. Used countless times and nearly impossible to have consistency between one inspirational soul to another a few traditions do manage to harmonize with these unique souls (Fothrick the Unending, Killnashi of the Bloody Earth)

Bardic Tales

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