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Welcome to the Index of Lore’un child, here you will find a nearly endless assortment of knowledge painstakingly retrieved by scholars such as yourself. Within these walls many of the world’s enigmas have been at last solved and recorded within our tomes and scolls, yet with every answer comes a treasure trove of more questions. Truly, the pursuit to slate one’s thirst for knowledge will prove endless, now … where was I? Oh yes, you wish to glimpse upon our archive yes? Well let me keep you no longer, your mind looks ready to wander…

-Galri Mezrhen, Librarian of ‘The Buried Oak Library”

Bardic Tales The stories of various people of interest or infamy through out Lore’un and her history as told by themselves or others.

Mythology various sources and tomes have been donated to the workings of various religions, the workings of magic or the superstitions of cultures through out Lore’un forgotten or not.

Astrology A comprehensive understanding of Loreun’s cosmic bodies and theories upon them, their creation and/or purpose.

Geography An assortment of various cartographers and explorer records such as maps, journals and speculation upon some of Loreun’s most fantastic features.

Heraldry Precious gifts from other empires that were donated in an attempt for the world to understand their history, culture and people without the slant of racism or bias view.

Biology The continued research of countless physicians, alchemists and learned magi has been devoted to the study of almost any race or beast imaginable that exists upon Lore’un.

History A vast selection of chronicled history within Lore’un be it well documented or otherwise.


Main Page

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