The World Lore'un

The Book of the Wolf
The collected adventures of the War Wolves

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Dusty Tome of Duskhaven
-Leotin Sage Gregor 1121 C.E. (200 years ago)

“The Month of Agony”; they gave a name to this nightmare that haunts still to this day. To hear that our sacrifices were so little to save the world drags me to dark places I had long since forgotten. What was given for victory has shaped us, mutilated us, and left us with perhaps only cold husks of what we once were. My brothers and I carry so little joy now in our hearts, it feels as though the sins of traitorous angels and men have become our burdens now. I am alive, yet for what reason?.. How anyone could find a way to express terror incarnate is beyond my graces though it would seem.

Part IV
Louder than Thunder...
-Liathossin’s Claim…

The blood chilling cries of pain that escaped Feladrin’s lips chilled the blood of his companions to the core. As his dominator sensed the enchantment of her blade waning she flicked her wrist as the barbed jaws of anquish uncurled and stiffened into a sword shape before a flash of emerald light returned it to a flat, sharp steel edge once again, before supernaturally flying back to her hand. Right as the blade returned to the knight an enraged wild elf lunged up with both scimitars thrusting at her chest with intense speed and power, yet the suddenly stopped against a ghostly sylvan symbol for “Sacrifice”. Magic, and potent at that is what the elf thought realizing the blades didn’t do anything to his target. His feral eyes caught the glimpse of a shimmering light from the other knight a few feet away emanating from his hand as he looked to be in a bit of pain. Nothing equal to what that should have done of course, but it appeared a good brunt of it somehow transferred to this other knight. With a scowl he he quickly kicked the woman in the stomach getting distance between her and him and backed out like any wolf missing it’s mark and with a growl plainly inquired to his enemy, “How?”. She took a breath surprised by the ranger’s speed and readied her defenses with a smirk intending to tell him nothing.
Part III
Enter the Wolf Hunters...
- Liathossin’s Claim…

Nervously looking about and trying to recover from his previous attack, the fearful voice of Alex shouts out “I could use some help here!”. The only response he receives back is a grunt as Korgoth looks to be losing the battle he is already engaged in himself. Alex’s eyes dart back and forth realizing how dire the situation looks and scrambles to create a defense. It is right then he suddenly locks eyes with one of the golden haired eldritch knights. A screeching hex enters Alex from the eyes of this knight as it latches to the boy swiftly. And with a smirk reacts to cursing the boy accurately by saying “Your nature is obviously like that of an beast, Kill what you can, flee from what you can’t. I’m afraid you no longer possess that second option interloper…” Alex steps away getting ready to retort with his sharp tongue but a well of pain suddenly crushes down on his heart the moment he took that step. Placing a hand against his chest and a look of shock sets in. The knight continues to advance finishing his challenge to the boy. “ You will either face us, Or you will die…”
Part II
The Ambush...
- Liathossin’s Claim…

No sooner than Alex arrives he seems to deal with the delirium the tree produced without a problem “Alright, lets go Korgoth!” he commands turning around to face the tree he just came out of and presses his palms against it. He scrapes off a few chunks of bark from the oak tree when trying that a few more times yet it appeared to be as mundane as any tree. He gulps to himself and whispers “Just… perfect!” He looks to his companion about to reprimand him for his brash actions when he narrows his eyes jaw still half open and ready for the insults when he noticed something rustle in the shade near Korgoth. Wide eyed the young boy looks around his surrounding to see to his dismay many hidden figures within the trees or the bright ephemeral light. Korgoth simply replies “You got something to say to me runt?” assuming the boy is holding his tongue.
Liathossin's Claim
The Lummox and the Lemming
- Liathossin’s Claim…

The mysterious whispering waters of the whimsical lake within the Terrovin Woods served as an ill omen to the War Wolves. The silence, the beauty and the deceitful sense of a tranquil calm only quickened their eyes and sharpened their ears. Something wasn’t right here each of them thought starting to draw close to one another for protection. But what could it have been? It was then Feladrin noticed the Slyvan tree, bristling with silver shimmering leaves and a shining shell of metallic bark disguised as a true child of the woods. His eyes narrowed have never seen such a thing as he looks to their new companion Cynterra, wondering if she was in on this. Seeing her stare disbelief he shakes that notion from the back of his mind as he looks around letting the others engage in meager conversation while on high alert himself.

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