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Liathossin's Claim

The Lummox and the Lemming

- Liathossin’s Claim…

The mysterious whispering waters of the whimsical lake within the Terrovin Woods served as an ill omen to the War Wolves. The silence, the beauty and the deceitful sense of a tranquil calm only quickened their eyes and sharpened their ears. Something wasn’t right here each of them thought starting to draw close to one another for protection. But what could it have been? It was then Feladrin noticed the Slyvan tree, bristling with silver shimmering leaves and a shining shell of metallic bark disguised as a true child of the woods. His eyes narrowed have never seen such a thing as he looks to their new companion Cynterra, wondering if she was in on this. Seeing her stare disbelief he shakes that notion from the back of his mind as he looks around letting the others engage in meager conversation while on high alert himself.

The awkward young man named Alex walks forward toward the tree unraveling it’s mysteries slowly. He nods once or twice while others look over his shoulder to try and understand the enigma. Alex’s eyes are closed as he nods to himself once or twice and sighs “Right, this isn’t going to help us I suggest that we-” Korgoth suddenly blurts out “Your telling me that has nothing to do with anything here?!” he says dubiously raising a brow with a muttering grumble. Alex replies ”… Well it’s not like that it’s just that.” Hawk sighs with a inward perspective knowing not what the tree truly does but surmises it’s intent barely whispering ” We shouldn’t be here…”. With a sharp eye suddenly Feladrin’s eyes catch a glimpse of something foreign in nature yet again. He witnesses a Snow white falcon with emerald eyes staring toward him and his companions perched upon a tall and distant tree. With a sudden gulp of worry and anxious sword hands Feladrin shouts out ” Hey! We’re being watched!” yet no sooner than he and the scout had locked eyes he lost sight of it as it took off to the sky using the foliage after cover. The entire group of adventurers look around confused and try to peer where Feladrin had only to find nothing themselves.

“Alright, I’ve had enough of these woods! Either we move this along or I start swinging at anything that moves!” exclaims the half orc chosen of Sigearus, whom fearlessly begins to approach the engimatic tree Alex seems so focused on. The young man whips around hearing the iron clad footsteps of the oaf and throws his hands out trying to act as a barrier to him. “Woah there Korgoth we don’t even know if this is a good idea ye-” the half orc smirked at Alex’s spunk but obviously mistook it for a challenge as with one arm flings the boy away from the tree a good four or five tree as though it were a pile of clothes. Marching up without slowly he plants a hand on the iron bark while turning his head to say “See?!”

Though as Korgoth defies the group Alex is scrambling up to try and warn him of it’s powers. The whole unit suddenly witnesses Korgoth’s entire being turn to bark while connected with the tree like it was a fast growing mold. No sooner than he is replaced as a bark statue it crumbles into mulch and wood-chips upon the forest floor. Alex’s eyes widen seeing the magic first hand but he is the most reserved as Hawk suddenly jumps seeing that powerhouse of a warrior disintegrate before his eyes. The group breaks into argument on what just happened as Alex turns trying to stop some from touching it and others from leaving. After mere moments the young boy sighs twirling around and connects to the conduit like Korgoth did embracing his instincts rather than wait any longer. The war wolves barely notice for a moment or two as they start to bicker even louder until Cynterra sighs marching in similar fashion as Korgoth did, quickly forcing Feladrin and Hawk’s hand with her disappearance as well.

Korgoth emerged in a verdant sunny forest, the shadows of large tree canopies providing a dark and cool shade for him as he shakes his head clear of a mild enchantment. Looking around he can smell the clean air and appears to be in tall grass, thick roots and thick brush. He pushes aside the plant life to get a better look where he is as he draws his ax figuring he is probably going it alone from here on out. Barely wading through at all, he hears the sound of cracking bark and conjuring magics as a brillant cyan flash produces Alex from outside a mundane tree. Korgoth himself had been by not moments ago be he looks around for a moment with a chuckle. “Manned up did you?” the paladin replies with a smirk.

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