The World Lore'un

Part II

The Ambush...

- Liathossin’s Claim…

No sooner than Alex arrives he seems to deal with the delirium the tree produced without a problem “Alright, lets go Korgoth!” he commands turning around to face the tree he just came out of and presses his palms against it. He scrapes off a few chunks of bark from the oak tree when trying that a few more times yet it appeared to be as mundane as any tree. He gulps to himself and whispers “Just… perfect!” He looks to his companion about to reprimand him for his brash actions when he narrows his eyes jaw still half open and ready for the insults when he noticed something rustle in the shade near Korgoth. Wide eyed the young boy looks around his surrounding to see to his dismay many hidden figures within the trees or the bright ephemeral light. Korgoth simply replies “You got something to say to me runt?” assuming the boy is holding his tongue.

“Shut it Herpa derp! Don’t you see them!?” Alex says starting to race away from the tree to join his comrade for protection. Korgoth doesn’t read his face well enough nor his words as he props his great ax on his shoulder inquiring “You mean the others? of course not we moved ahead of them.” Before Alex can even make a few strides toward the dumb lummox a unnatural screech is heard as a gnarled form of wood and hunger springs from the tall grass assaulting the savage knight, quickly joined by three or four more. As Alex began to focus his unnatural powers to help his friend he darts his head behind him hearing the sound of chain mail as he witnesses what he feared, an ambush. Two Eladrin warriors carrying small darkwood shields and shimmering green-steel longswords begin to approach through the blinding sunlight with intense stares toward the intruders. Accompanied by them is a Eladrin woman as well in dark green robes with trims of crimson and gold along them. She held a spear engraved with Slyvan runes with the same glare as her companions. he bore the symbol of an Emerald Resurgent as she pointed out to Alex and Korgoth and in a cold command to her bodyguards said “Intruders, Kill them.”

The Knights approached slowly drawing their swords and both reply “As you command, my lady.” Alex’s look of original worry turns to panic with the appearance of Quarion’s followers and being so heavily outnumbered. As he tries to double time it to Korgoth who is being savagely mauled by those fey spirits something holds his wrist holding him in place as he whips around ready to unleash a psionic punch only to see that something got the drop on him. Staring at him inches from his face is a wooden mannequin of vines and bark, she looks to be part of the tree they came from itself as her hand is holding his wrist. The woman’s eyes blaze yellow with flickering pulses of green, for a moment the figure looked beautiful and silent yet her free hand suddenly unwinds into a gnarled hive of thorny roots and and jagged stumps. In that moment Alex find himself on the ground bleeding and sore unsure what just happened as the figure recedes into the tree her eyes upon Korgoth now as she fades form view.

“Aw fuck! You just had to touch that stupid tree didn’t you?!” Alex says coldly jumping to his feet and pulling in a deep well of mental energy. Korgoth rises to his feet throwing one of the fey mongrels off his chest as she swings his axe to keep them at bay for a moment. “At least we’re doing something now!” he shouts with laugh as suddenly one of his wicker enemies dodges past his axe slamming it’s powerful hands down on Korgoth’s head stumbling him to his knees from their deceptive strength. Korgoth looks around seeing four of these little monsters, cursing to himself as he thinks how over his head he might be at the moment. As he pulls himself back up to try and fight these things off yet again he finds roots wrapped around his legs and one of his arms. The half orc grunted seeing a small field of thin twitching roots followed these bark encrusted fey wherever they walked. “A real fuckin Nuisance…” grunts out Korgoth who chuckles uncertain if this is his last stand but not really caring anyway.

Alex just stares at him for a moment shouting ” I hear ya! I’ve had telemarketers who were less aggressive!” right before let’s loose a mental explosion all around him as the every mind gives pause to the shockwaves the frail looking young man unleashes with a smirk “Gotcha!”. His pearly whites exposed with his head bobbling to the left and right in some form of celebration. Yet before a moment or two has passed a fey enemy wracked with mental pain already recovers, then another, and another… and another. “Oh fuckin bullshit!” exclaims the youth as all the enemies draw slowly closer fighting off Alex’s mental control.

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