The Thief...


Standing over 7 feet tall, and with a strong build this dragonborn has course amber scales and a scar over his right eyebrow. His armor appears to favor function over form as it’s smooth and conventional for mobility. His longsword looks to have the traditional jagged angles of his people with a draconic engrave upon it’s side. His shield looks to be a round heavy steel style that is intentionally used to defend strong hits than fast parrying. His countenance and voice holds the grizzled talent for intimidation which he wields as well as any weapon.


Not much has been revealed about Virlym; what is known is minor at best within the War Wolves organization. Virlym apparently has a drinking problem which only adds to his poor temper. He seems to place no trust in others though he will give his all to protect them. He is hesitant to take life especially his own kind unless necessary or out of vengeance. He mentioned his homelands were in the Deserts and hasn’t been there in many years. Anything else really about Virlym has been a mystery other than his original connection to Snowscale.


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