Eldarith, God of Discipline and Law


Within the maelstrom of creation emerged the resolute and relentless hand of Eldarith. Known as the shaper of the world and it’s future, the strategic hand of this god could be seen as fate itself. After taking on the mantle of it’s creator Eldarith became the purveyor of laws, traditions and order within the world. Since creation his efforts to guide mankind towards it’s glorious future of clockwork order he has been contested by Sigerus and her uncontrollable ways. It is said within the scripture that this stoic god had a hand in the creations of cities, villages and war machines which were all paramount to compelling the world forward into new eras. The tactile hand of Eldarith prefers the use of a War-hammer to represent the resounding effect of one well placed strike.

* Justice was not made for the needy; it was made to be Just.

* Honor your superiors, but respect the will of their superiors even more.

* Life was made for purpose and functions to this world, ensure it remains that way.

Eldarith, God of Discipline and Law

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