Embershot Empire


he Embershot Territory of the the Dwarfs is in constant struggle with its people. Once in an age long past the vast empire of the Embershot Mountains were ruled by a single Thane family line known as the “Cinderbloods”. Many years ago a massive rebellion from the desires of some dwarfs to impose a council of ruling caste rather than remain as a monarchy. The opinions of these dwarfs were progressive and forward thinking but popular throughout the territory as many areas had to bow to the masses and agree with the rebellion.

As a result this pitted traditionalist such as warriors and nobles against the new ideas of the world such as alchemists, engineers and politicians. After ages of battle, debate and bitter tension the wars became cooled as the areas became neutral with one another. Though hardly a peace between it’s people the skirmishes of feuding areas have helped keep the debates civil between nations of the Embershot mountains.

  • Barithon, Some of the best chemists, smiths and demolitions experts within the Embershot Empire hail from Barithon. This infamous little nation has a corner on the gunpowder market due to their natural resources as well as partnership with Sibada.
  • Hestrigard, brimming with dwarven zealots the territory of Hestrigard has a firm stance of producing the most furious and deadly Dwarven warriors known to Lore’un. Their ability to hold grudges and battle lines has always been the shining example of perfect battle mentality to warlords.
  • Kiryrion, Uncharacteristically the most accepting of culture and diplomacy Kiryrion is a Dwarven territory of the Embershot Mountains. Handling a good portion of disputes and economic troubles for the Empire this land is wrought with opportunity.
  • Uldenoath, The Great Hall of Uldenoath was the birthplace of the Embershot Empire and home of the original Cinderblood clan and the residing place of their figure-head Thanes.
  • Vulkran, The birthplace to the War of the Shattered Thanes would have been Vulkran and how it spear-headed the rebellion. Wishing for vast reform lead to this nation insulting the last great Thane of Embershot.
  • Xanora, Obsessed with technology and chemistry the Xanorians are the only nation to ‘perfect’ battlesuit technology as well as dangerous and unpredictable battle tools such as the Cindershot Rifile or the Siegesunder Cannon.

Embershot Empire

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