Free Realms


he best known haven for outlaws would be the Free realms of Lore’un. A free realm is a rare but continued oddity within Lore’un of remote areas and nations sprouting up with no true military other than the area they claim. These lands are not large enough to be considered a military super power like the the Mingorian Dynasty but they still may have enough power and class all the same. These realms are not taken lightly by any side as they are a potential new addition to their strength however more often than not these Free Realms do not wished to be ruled over.

Alliances between Free Realms and empires have been arranged from time to time in the past but these lands wish to remain free and independent of the power struggles of the world. The one true weakness to these realms is the fact that the times when aid has been lent to a free realm in need are very few as most nations would rather gain control of the realm after it has collapsed.

  • Crescent Isles, A nearly lawless free realm full of piracy, ships and booze with no true claim to any power within Lore’un but itself.
  • Eru’ghai, A land of distant and different men who live by a sense of honor and spiritual duty. Ruled by an emperor with total power over his people and seen as a god, this land has developed under a completely different set of gods, trials and tribulations than the rest of the world.
  • Mokai Isles, A savage and under-developed land the Mokai Isles are hardly civilized enough for most of the world. But these inhabitants have one desire above all else and that is to be free!
  • Nalic, After the disaster of Khalide and Terrovin the frontiersmen of the East in Causnodia needed to create settlements and with their forced pilgrimage so too came their desire to defect from the Kinzairian Kingdoms. Since that time it has become a jewel of the Frontier.
  • Nothridel, Though considered a Free-realm the frozen wastelands of Nothridel are hardly at peace. Infested with constant turmoil and war these lands have proven the death of countless men regardless of their cause or desires.
  • Qua’kadon, Once a dry Gods-forsaken desert worse than anything within the Mingorian Dynasty. This wasteland was eventually transformed by the massive Earthquakes of the Embershot Mountains. Enriched into a wet tropical paradise this had become a jewel of the deserts well guarded by the men whom became exiles forced to live our their whole lives in this now verdant land.
  • Scorched Sands, A land so inhospitable that Hell itself didn’t wish to lay claim to the dry lands this area had to offer. Though more or less lawless this area has a ‘town by town’ basis of law. Considered one of the hottest places on earth it has always been joked that it was even too hot for Hell.
  • Sibada, The lands of innovation and technology have been accepting of what the Dwarven crafts and alliances have wrought it. But these tropical lands still remain so savage that the only means for travel between towns is either on foot or on Blimp.
  • Terrovin, Once and elven bastion, now a cursed forest to all life who wasn’t born among it’s trees. The lands of Terrovin are only home to the spiritual or the hermit and suitable for no one else.

Free Realms

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