ithin all of Lore’un their has always been rulers and territory; to the simplest concepts of tyrants and slavery to free forming nationally bureaucratic republics. Because of this Lore’un is no stranger to War be is religious, economical, retributive, or simply preemptive measures against threats. But one thing that has remained unchanged is no matter what someone does, in the harsh world of Lore’un remaining neutral isn’t tolerated by it’s leaders.

One must have faith in their government swearing allegiance to their kings or queens, their Empire’s ruler, the people they serve or live with or any variation of that in between. The tenuous balance between war and peace is generally a fleeting one, but of the empires that have risen from nothing or fallen in great wars here is a list of empires that currently own the stage known as “Lore’un”

  • Attasian Empire, The power of the Attasian Empire was once held by it’s infernal Emperor Alexi Mirrgoth. With the sundering of his black citadel and the cataclysm of it’s original capital Aldermore the Attasian Empire held a summit to help distribute its power properly and rid themselves of the evil associated with the idea of an emperor. Currently today the Anastasia empire now is ran by her ruthless queen, Tilora Castinel II.
  • Dwarven Kingdoms, The Humans are not the only territories deep seated with tensions and rivalries among its people. The Dwarfish people have many empires and clans that range all over the world from Nanicia to Nothridel all of which are prominent powers no matter where they set due to the vigilant nature of it’s people.

    The largest territories of Dwarfish Kingdoms would be along the the Embershot mountains of Causnodia which is considered the Dwarfish Homeland due to this fact. Many Dwarfish territories though have also made the same boasts so the true origin of it’s people is subject to debate.

  • Elven Bastions, When Minther fell and the surviving Eladrin people were cast into the wilderness it was a harsh adjustment. Many of the survivors died from wild animals, starvation or roving monsters. Pushed past the point of desperation a few select Elven tribes created bastions against the wilderness.

    Unlike many tribes of elves who either wander from place to place claiming a hypothetical territory to roam the Elven Bastions are cities, towns and villages that have a political power system or king to their territory. These bastions are generally reminiscent to the past glory of Minther in some desired aspect that has been lost.

  • Free Realms, The best known haven for outlaws would be the Free realms of Lore’un. A free realm is a rare but continued oddity within Lore’un of remote areas and nations sprouting up with no true military other than the area they claim. These lands are not large enough to be considered a military super power like the the Mingorian Dynasty but they still may have enough power and class all the same. These realms are not taken lightly by any side as they are a potential new addition to their strength however more often than not these Free Realms do not wished to be ruled over.

    Alliances between Free Realms and empires have been arranged from time to time in the past but these lands wish to remain free and independent of the power struggles of the world. The one true weakness to these realms is the fact that the times when aid has been lent to a free realm in need are very few as most nations would rather gain control of the realm after it has collapsed.

  • Kinzairian Kingdoms, Ruled by a single king whom decides the fate of his empire and below him are the advisers of his lands, the Dukes and Duchesses. The consorts to these prominent men and women are the noble family lines that own the various lands and serfs of the empire. A Consort would not speak to the King directly but they are entitled the ability to speak to another Duke of Duchess should the need arrive.
  • Menadris Republic, A fledgling republic of exiled nobles, merchants, sailors, economists, idealists, traitors and above all else heroes. The Menadris republic came about from the joint efforts of various minds from all over Lore’un though most centralized within the Kinzairian and Attasian Empires. These people wished to create their own free realms for individual purposes and needs such as mercantile freedoms, frontier exploration, divine freedoms, racial equalities or just simply to be spiteful of their previous leadership. These minds began to mingle and converse with the other organizations or followings also wishing to establish political freedoms and decided to create a joint effort. This effort was to establish a series of self maintained and established free realms with a joint military force to protect their lands when needed.

    The Menadris Republic was founded by the Legendary White Paladin of Noa, Alister Whitefire who lead the militiamen and soldiers of this political power within the 2nd week of it’s creation to protect themselves from not only the Kinzairian Navy but the Attasian military. With a hellish war the Nation of Freemen was established and it’s people free to pursue their goals. Today, the Menadris republic is said to be the closest thing to racial equality within Lore’un yet sadly pirates and bandits have remained a dangerously hard to stop problem with the archipelagos and cities of it’s free realms.

  • Mingorian Dynasty, The Mingorian way of life is based upon hardship and sacrifice for one’s beliefs in anything such as the will of the gods to the means to govern people. Since the Mingorian Dynasty is based upon such brutal methods of conviction it should come to no surprise that the means to govern is bloody and often challenged through combat and honor duels. The various cabal clans of the Dynasty all move to prove themselves to their people through combat and bloodletting.

    Yet sometimes these legitimate methods are challenged through ambush and assassination of prominent dynasty members which weakens their hold over the people or even the odds. Such an act is completely dishonorable within the Mingorian people but often done for the desire to lead. Yet should a dynasty prove itself to all others in combat and efforts they will be selected as the Sovereign Clan.


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