Lion, Paladin God of Justice


The Paladin God, Lion is a luminous example of the glorious ferocity of faith. Emerging from the flames of the Inheritance Wars carrying the righteous sword of Eldarith in hand and the mercy of Thayanna upon his shield. Meeting the enemies of the world with the unbridled wrath and tending to the would be victims they would claim. Lion remains at a constant vigil to declare endless battle against any soul wicked or brave enough to defile the world or it’s purity. Seen as the selfless guardian of Lore’un Lion’s faith has both endured and thrived throughout history and it’s trials. Lion’s weapon of choice has remained the Longsword.

* Evil must be cleansed by the virtuous & the pure.

* Wisdom, justice and valor are the Golden Words of Lion

* Never abandon your charge as a guardian to all the deserving and helpless

Lion, Paladin God of Justice

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