Menadris Republic


he Republic of Menadris is a large tropical territory with marshlands and dense swamps. This land was originally controlled by the Eladrin hundreds of years before the Inheritance Wars, during that time Dwarven armies seized control of the territory. Today however this land is bulkhead to the Menadris Republic. This land had been abandoned by it’s Dwarven masters due to tales of ancestral curses and the Fey. Regardless, Alastor Whitefire and his defectors claimed this land for the Republic making it the center of their operations.

This Land became known as the Nation of Freemen for an array of reasons but mostly due to the fact that the War of Freemen mostly took place within it. Today the Menadris Republic places this large tropical forest as the centralized camp for their joint national forces allowing for the best training and largest territory to conduct the funded recruits. It’s Capital would be Duantilus, and home to the legendary Blades of Freedom; a group of heroic adventurers who during the War of Freemen were paramont to the success of the rebellion. The Flag of Menadris is an emerald green with a white drake resting along a swamp branch.

  • Pericia, One of the first nations to arrise to the occasion of joining the Menadris republic due to be a nation completely comprised of servants, slaves, gladitators & accomplices to their freedoms.
  • Rintel, A unique nation of diplomatic goblinoids within the Menadris Republic that are hard working laborers and inventive craftsmen. Proving themselves powerful allies to the republic Rintel might not be well accepted but it is undeniable the contributions these Goblins bring to the needs of the Republic.
  • Tellis, A cabal of various engineers, tinkerers and magi were the original founders of this nation within the Republic. Obsessed with combining magic and technology into a theoretical type of weaponry to profit off of this empire may have controversial ethical views but it has remained a potent ally in more ways than one to the Republic.
  • Urtine, A natural reserve set aside for the various clans of shifters who fought along side during Menadris’ independence. They provide nearly perfect trackers and fierce warriors for the causes of the republic.
  • Veridin, A nation of disenfranchised Dwarves from the War of the Shattered Thanes. Within the Embershot Empire. These dwarves offer a high amount of volunteers for the Republic Forces as well as their arms and armor. This small faction has been masterfully defending their mountains since their formation.

Menadris Republic

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