Mingorian Dynasty


Mingorian is said to be without an equal in battle, skill, ingenuity, and faith. And Despite the bravado of that statement it has a small ring of truth to it. The Mingorian Dynasty is a desert and tropical dwelling culture which endures intense heats and droughts often. The dynasty possesses a large population and most of which are trained warriors. Considered perhaps the least civilized of nations this empire exists solely around combat, assassination, sectarian violence and worst of all open slavery.

Tension between the Kinzairian Kingdom and the Mingorian Dynasty have always remained tenuous due to the size of both empires and their similar need for trade goods. Because of this both kingdoms do not take kindly to outlanders nor do they tolerate the others customs. While not an outright enemy neither nation is willing to trust and more often than not the ugliest battles at sea have broken out between these two nations.

  • Jithka, A tropical archipelago of southern isles needed for Mingorian trade and water harvesting for nearly the entire Dynasty.
  • Kengrin, The lawless area of Kengrin is where mostly the unproven and undesirables of the dynasty have found a way to make a living. This land has only small territories and communities holding themselves together.
  • Olubei, an area of political intrigue and economics which can spell the death for a noble family if they take one step out of order. Despite open assassinations, guild sectarian violence and bribes this area is considered the most beautiful part of the Mingorian Deserts.
  • Vidor, Based heavily on the ancient traditions of it’s original culture and ways of the warrior. Vidor is the way to honor your clan and move up in the social rank as an honorable member of the Dynasty, one who is of good standing will be well protected in these lands.

Mingorian Dynasty

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