Neserey, Goddess of Death


The final moment of all life belongs to the cold hands of death alone. That moment lies in the graceful hand of Neserey, Goddess of the Dead. Shrouded in the mysteries of lost knowledge and fallen empires Neserey will forever remain an enigma to the living and a bane to the undead. Commanding the following of natural death both the living and the dead become silent at the mention of her name dealing with the twinge of fear attached to it. Every soul shall be dragged to the Shadowfel to hear her verdict with no less intensity than Eldarith himself. Carrying a scythe in hand, Nesery’s weapon of choice represent the reaping of final moments.

* All the dead, either evil or good deserve last rites.

* This world is full of secrets that should never be discovered.

* The dead do no belong with the living, save to serve them.

Neserey, Goddess of Death

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