Sigerus, Goddess of Passion and War


Known as the twice born god of Chaos, Sigerus thrives within the very base nature of all Lore’un; War. Heralded as the creator of the Inheritance Wars through quite whispers seducing the entire world in chaos and warfare against the gods. Sigerus is a brutal god commanding hardships and illogical passions to be the govern forces within every creature herself being no exception. The ruinous hand of Sigerus touches every battlefield, and dwells in grinding siege but more so than anything, Sigerus is most pleased when blood is poured resisting the impossible. Favoring the battle ax, any soul would give pause to the devotion her clergy devote to her.

* The world thrives only on change and conflict

* War is the greatest pleasure one can experience in Life, save death

* No restraint shall hold you, even the ones you would wear willingly

Sigerus, Goddess of Passion and War

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