Thayanna, Goddess of Forgiveness and Life


The world of Lore’un is a dark and sinful place, and yet despite it exists a spiritual guardian to all who would call for her. Praised as the very definition of moral self-sacrifice Thayanna is regarded as perhaps one of the most sacred of deities. Offering unconditional redemption and salvation to any and all souls within Lore’un Thayanna’s teaching inspire hope and a tenacity for life within it’s followers. It was said at the moment of Lore’un’s creation that the will of and pure intentions of life bore “The Green Mother” into being. Favoring the short bow for it’s merciful speed and distance from death itself.

* Help nurture life in all ways.

* Never bring harm to innocence.

* All sins may be forgiven, any which cannot are a failure of the heart.

Thayanna, Goddess of Forgiveness and Life

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